CareerAnalytics is now Josie

Since launching CareerAnalytics, our main motivator has been making job satisfaction more than a myth for our users. The landscape we find ourselves in when looking for a new job or entering the unfamiliar territory of switching fields is changing rapidly with technology designed to put recruiters at an advantage. We believe with the right information and coaching you have more control over where you go in your career and how you want to show up, ready for anything.

Today we’re excited to show you the next phase of our journey, which involves a bit of an update to our image. We’re still the same company offering tools that combine the unique insights of psychometric assessments with job experience and big-picture motivations, but we no longer felt that the name CareerAnalytics was the most accurate way of visualizing our platform. We’re an AI-powered career coach helping people to find their career satisfaction, and we believe that when it comes to happiness sometimes analysis needs a more personal approach.

Meet Josie

That’s us! Nice to reacquaint ourselves. Josie is Job Satisfaction personified, making this whole journey a bit more human with the goal of demystifying tech. Yes, data drives our platform, but at the end of the day, getting a job and feeling fulfilled in it is really about how a group of humans in a room together (or virtually these days) get along. We’re also a group of humans working to make sure Josie is accessible and useful to you, no matter where you are in your career path.

You will still have access to your insights and module progress, so no need to worry about updating or saving any information on your end. We hope you enjoy our new look and can’t wait to hear from you on social media. We’re not exactly fishing for compliments, but we think we look goooood.

Team Josie

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