The Two Free Career Tests You Need to Find Your Dream Job

Understand what job is right for you through data-backed assessments that reveal your career drivers and ideal workplace culture
Free career tests on mobile devices from CareerAnalytics

Earlier this month we introduced two new free career tests at Josie to access an entire new set of insights about you and your relationship to work. Now in addition to the reports we provide on your Personality and Experience Inventory, you can take a personality test to assess what workplace culture you thrive in as well as figuring out what motivates your career decisions.

Josie free career tests on mobile
Source: Josie, 2022.

These new assessments expand the way you can use Josie and give you more access to valuable information about yourself so that you can make confident decisions when it comes to your job. The Culture assessment organizes your preferences into key personal attributes that are reflected in areas like your preferences for compensation and benefits, the people you work with and type of environment where work takes place, your thoughts about company reputation, and what you should look for in a job description.

The Career Drivers assessment analyzes your current job satisfaction and values as well as how they compare to other people in your industry. It’s important to align your values, whether that be working at a place that offers the opportunity to develop new skills, having access to a mentor, or being able to find a work/life balance.

But as exciting as this all sounds, you won’t know the value until you take it for yourself! If you’ve ever wondered “what career is right for me?”, this is where you start. 

Let us know what you think about these new free career tests—you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, or you can leave us a note here that will be read by our internal research group. We wouldn’t have a product like this without the feedback from our amazing community of people taking the leap to prioritize their happiness in their careers. Stay tuned for our next product update!

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