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In this weekly article, Josie scours the deepest parts of the web in search of the most interesting career-related news, so you don’t have to. Every week we create a selection of three news articles about career development and present you with an excerpt of the article that we think is worth sharing. Click on the heading to read the whole article.

1. 3 Ways To Move Past Fear And Make Your Next Career Move– Caroline Ceniza-Levine, Forbes Magazine

“Even if you’re doing well in your day-to-day job, your career can still suffer. With the market changing around you and others proactively advancing their career, you can plateau or even decline. Perhaps that fear – of falling behind, of ceding control of your career to forces around you – is enough motivation to replace your other career fears. Or if the anxiety around making a big career move is keeping you stuck, focus on taking more manageable actions and still keep your job.”

2. 4 Ways to Figure Out What You’re Good At (Not Just What You’re Passionate About)– Whitney Johnson, The Muse

“During your childhood and college years, you’ve no doubt developed certain skills out of necessity. For example, Scott Edinger, a highly successful consultant and CEO advisor, grew up broke, in a trailer park, and at age nine, he was adopted into less than ideal circumstances. Edinger learned to survive his challenging childhood by becoming an expert in communication, conflict resolution, attunement to others, and raw persuasion.”

3.     Narcissists are in love with themselves — here’s how to avoid becoming one– Tim Denning, The Ladders

“You avoid narcissism when you’re comfortable talking about the boring stuff online or in the real world. Real life isn’t as great as influencers make it out to be. To be human is to suffer. We all know that by now after watching a global health crisis wreak havoc on the world while dancing with the devil and taking human lives as if they’re pieces of trash ready for the incinerator.”

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