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In this weekly article, Josie scours the deepest parts of the web in search of the most interesting career-related news, so you don’t have to. Every week we create a selection of three news articles about career development and present you with an excerpt of the article that we think is worth sharing. Click on the heading to read the whole article.

1. Millions Of Workers Plan To Switch Jobs In Pursuit Of A Work-Life Balance, Growth Opportunities, Remote Options And Being Treated With Respect– Jack Kelly, Forbes Magazine

“One of the welcomed outcomes of the pandemic is that it made people confront the cold reality of life; it’s fragile and could be lost in an instant. This sobering, existential fact has made many people think deeply about their lives, jobs and career choices. It raises the question, “Do I want to spend the next five, 10 or 20 years doing the same old thing?” You wonder if there’s more to life than working 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in an office building, missing all of the precious moments with family and friends.”

2. How to Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills (and Show Them Off in Your Job Hunt)– Deanna deBara, The Muse

“Being able to effectively solve problems can help you succeed and impress, regardless of what kind of job you have or career you plan to pursue. “A person who sorts out problems and makes decisions—or at least brings potential solutions to the table—is seen as someone who can get things done,” says organizational consultant Irial O’Farrell, author of the upcoming book The Manager’s Dilemma: How to Empower Your Team’s Problem Solving. “This makes managers’ lives easier—and managers notice people who make their lives easier, who get things done, and who don’t have to be told [what to do] the whole time. In turn, opportunities are put their way, enhancing their career.”

3.     The Ultimate Job Seekers’ Glossary and Guide to Business Acronyms– James Oliver Cury, The Ladders

“The professional world is filled with jargon. That’s always been the case — from ancient Roman restaurateurs with their vomitoria to sailors throwing around words like “fo’c’s’le” (i.e., the forecastle, or forward deck of a ship). Equally baffling are acronyms — like “SWOT,” “ROS,” and “WYSIWYG” — which can be more annoying than helpful IMHO. While you can’t expect to know every bit of lingo out there, if you’re looking to get ahead in your career, you’ll need to develop a working knowledge of the more common keywords and acronyms listed in this guide. That’s especially true if you’re in the market for a new position: Most HR departments’ ATSs (application tracking systems) are programmed to look for keyword-rich resumes. “

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