Josie’s Weekly Favorites

In this weekly article, Josie scours the deepest parts of the web in search of the most interesting career-related news, so you don’t have to. Every week we create a selection of three news articles about career development and present you with an excerpt of the article that we think is worth sharing. Click on the heading to read the whole article.

1. Companies Are Giving Workers A Free Week Off To Improve Morale, Mental Health And Burnout– Jack Kelly, Forbes Magazine

“The time off is critical to improving the mental health and emotional well-being of workers. This move also benefits the companies offering the program. It’s so simple that it’s surprising they haven’t done this before. Companies that show appreciation and take care of their people will have a highly motivated and happier workforce. An energized team will vastly improve results at the company, creating a better atmosphere for both executives and workers.”

2. Interviewers Are Looking for Emotional Intelligence—So Be Prepared for These Questions– Alexndra Frost, The Muse

“Also known as EQ, it encompasses both internal and external elements, and you can build it up like a muscle. “I think of it as having two components,” says Patricia Thompson, PhD, a corporate psychologist and creator of the “21-Day Crash Course in Emotional Intelligence,” which more than 18,000 students have completed. The first component is “your ability to understand yourself and [your] emotions, and based on that being able to regulate yourself appropriately,” Thompson says. The second, she says, is “to understand others’ emotions to relate to them…and to have a high level of social awareness to use those insights.” In other words, can you recognize and process your own emotions and keep them under control? And are you in tune enough with others to perceive, interpret, and empathize with their emotions?”

3. Not just keywords…your key accomplishments – Mark Cenedella, The Ladders

“What is just as important as keywords, but often gets overlooked, are your key accomplishments – the things you have done on the job that demonstrate your ability to make success happen.  When a pile of resumes is getting screened by a hiring manager, and they all have the same keywords, it is your key accomplishments that make you stand out and attract the interview. What are key accomplishments? Well, they’re anything you did that improved your company, or your team, or your group. As a highly-paid professional in the US or Canada, it’s expected that you will contribute to the company’s success – that your employer will be better off because you were on the job. That your being on the team led to better results.”

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