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In this weekly article, Josie scours the deepest parts of the web in search of the most interesting career-related news, so you don’t have to. Every week we create a selection of three news articles about career development and present you with an excerpt of the article that we think is worth sharing. Click on the heading to read the whole article.

1. 7 Thoughts About Finding Your Passion In Life– Dick Bolles & Jenna Arcand, Work It Daily

“The most helpful self-inventories always turn out to be those that correspond to the parts of a job. That is to say, every job has seven parts to it: it requires certain skills (do), certain knowledge (know), certain goals (reach), certain people environments (surround), certain working conditions (enable), certain locations (find), and a certain level of responsibility (chart). Thus, a helpful self-inventory covers all these parts: what do you most love to do, what do you most love knowing, what are you most trying to reach, who are you most trying to surround yourself with, what most enables you to do your best work, where do you find such places, and what project, plan, or challenge, do you most want to help chart?”

2. Your Communication Skills Matter for Every Job—Here’s How to Use, Improve, and Show Off Yours– Regina Borsellino, The Muse

“There are a slew of adjustments you may have had to make as you worked from home Strong communication ensures that members of your team or company work well together and achieve their goals. “It’s important to remember that organizations are, at their heart, a group of individuals working together and making decisions with the goal of achieving a common mission,” says Akhila Satish, CEO of Meseekna, which advises businesses on decision making and company culture. “Without communication, individuals may not understand each other or the goals of their organization.” Even if you’re self-employed, you still need to speak to clients or customers to achieve your own business goals!”

3. 5 ways a lack of confidence might be holding you back (and how to power through)
– Andrea Owen, Create & Cultivate

“For mostI used to think that confidence and courage were reserved for the “lucky ones.” People who knew what they wanted and weren’t afraid to claim it. I was afraid to step out of my comfort zone, and I know I’m not alone. Every day, people decide not to chase their dream job, move to a new city, date new people, leave their spouse, or whatever it is they really want to do because they don’t have the confidence to do it. They’re afraid. And I get it. It took having my life fall apart for me to realize that I had to push through the fear and find the confidence to take action if I ever wanted to realize my dreams.”

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