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In this weekly article Josie scours the deepest parts of the web in search of the most interesting career-related news, so you don’t have to. Every week we create a selection of three news articles about career development and present you with an excerpt of the article that we think is worth sharing. Click on the heading to read the whole article.

1. 9 Signs You’re Not Taking Control Of Your Career– Adunola Adeshola, Forbes Magazine

“Realize that no one will ever be more invested in your career growth than you, and it’s your responsibility to show others why you’re ready for it. Don’t expect your track record to speak for you, remind people of your track record. Don’t assume that people will remember every single amazing thing you’ve done. That’s a disservice to yourself and others. Be kind by reminding people of your value. Be thoughtful by following up with busy people who may have every intention to respond to you but may have forgotten. Be intentional by getting clear on what you want for yourself and evaluating if the opportunities that come your way align with your goals. Be proactive by going after what you want and showing others why you deserve it instead of waiting for people to see you and waiting for things to come to you.”

2. Transferable Skills: The Key to Landing Your Dream Job – Shelby Simon, The Muse

“Some transferable skills are “the superpowers you possess that would be valuable to any employer,” Owens says—for example, strong communication skills are helpful in pretty much any type of job. Others are useful in multiple contexts even if they’re not universally applicable—like Excel mastery, which can be leveraged in a wide range of roles or careers. They can be hard skills, which are often quantifiable abilities such as functional or technical skills, or soft skills, which include character traits and interpersonal talents..”

3.     Why passion may not be the key to success– Kyle Schnitzer, The Ladders

“In three large-scale datasets representing adolescents from 59 societies across the globe, we find evidence of a systematic cultural variation in the relationship between passion and achievement,” the authors in the study said. “In individualistic societies, passion better predicts achievement. In collectivistic societies, passion still positively predicts achievement, but it is a much less powerful predictor. There, parents’ support predicts achievement as much as passion.”

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