Stand out from the crowd: how to excel at your job interview

Congratulations, you just got a call regarding your application and received a long-awaited invitation for a job interview. As exciting as this may be, it can also be a nerve-racking process. How do you know to say the right things? How can you come across as confident, without being cocky? Relax, breathe out, and just read these Josie pro tips so you will absolutely nail it.

The first key to success may not come as a surprise: it’s all about proper preparation. You may already have thought some potential questions through and established a decent basis to answer some of the most common questions, but there is a lot more to it than that. In the majority of interviews these days you will also be facing questions concerning your competency. These questions mostly revolve around your skills, and you’re expected to present evidence of previous experiences in which you had to rely on your skillset to solve a specific problem. A few examples of soft skills that are always in high demand are teamwork and leadership, so try to think of times when these assets really were put out to the test. This means you’re not expected to claim you’re good at this and that, but the best practice here is to show, and don’t just tell: present numbers or statistics, or depending on your field bring some actual work to the table to fund your claim. Also, make sure you practice your answers so that you produce them naturally and know what you’re talking about to leave a good impression on the interviewer. If you have to overthink a question during an interview, it might imply you’re not that skilled after all – even if you know you are.

Show your knowledge

Another major factor in impressing your audience during your job interview is by showing you did your homework. This means you need to research the organization you’re hoping to call your employer soon and make sure you’re prepared to give a detailed and comprehensive response to an organization-oriented question. Even if the interviewers don’t ask any questions at all about their company, it is still highly recommended to find a way you can still demonstrate you’re aware of the latest ins and outs. After the interview, there’s always an opportunity to ask a question yourself. This is the moment to enter the stage and rock it by asking them a detailed question about e.g. the company’s future course. The trick here is to phrase the question in such a way that it’s obvious you’ve thoroughly looked at the company website, an act that will be highly appreciated.

Stick to who you are

The overall image of job interviews is that they’re very formal and stiff, but that doesn’t mean you have to act like a robot programmed with the sole purpose of giving the right answers. You need to use the occasion to show your true colors as well since that’s the only way you’ll be able to leave an impression that lasts. Not only will the ‘jury’ see right through you if you don’t, but you also miss out on a great opportunity to illustrate why they must hire you, and only you. The recruiters are trying to get to know you, so you must be self-aware and show them your approach, experience, and achievements. There’s nothing wrong with showing aspects of your future job that might be challenging, as long as you show them you’re willing to learn and you have already thought about ways of dealing with those aspects. Claiming there are no challenges at all and why that is exactly why you are the perfect candidate will not have your audience fooled. Stay confident, but don’t overdo it: at the end of the day, nobody likes to hire a poser – unless you’re auditioning for the latest Tarantino movie. 

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