Stuck in a rut: how to rediscover joy in your current job

In a time of ‘the great resignation’, many workers have come to realize that their current job title no longer seems to bring joy to their lives. If you belong to that group, a new challenge in your career might seem like the obvious next step, but it may not always be the right call just yet. In this article, Josie will explore different ways to find new meaning in your current job title. Chances are, it’s not too late to get your groove back.

A year and a half have had a major impact on the daily patterns of our working lives as we once knew. At the same time, it has also been a period in which we have started to look massively different at our current work life. Perhaps you have found that you are simply no longer satisfied with your current position, and the time has come to actually set new goals. Yet the steady return to the old, in combination with some personal adjustments, can ensure that you will find happiness again. A new vision based on a fresh look might make you realize why you got satisfaction from your current work situation. Now is the time to reassess, reset and revive your career. Only time will tell if your current situation is actually worth saving, if possible at all. Let’s have a look at a few ways you can try to ensure you’ve done all you can before deciding on leaving your current position.

Finding balance in your work

Extensive research has shown that finding happiness in your job and career are worthy goals you should always be aiming for. The results imply that once you’re happier at work, you are generally healthier, perform better, make better decisions, learn more, set bigger goals to grow, and generally develop faster. On top of that, you tend to be a more likable person. All these aspects combined could contribute to the healthy progress of your career, while being a super valuable asset to your employer. If you turn it around, it automatically implies that if happiness is lacking, your career will ultimately stall as a result. This all sounds very logical, but things aren’t that easy in reality. No matter your job, you will always find things that stand in your way of happiness, which means you simply can’t be happy all the time. At the end of the day, every function will consist of tasks you really like doing, and tasks you would prefer outsourcing to an intern. You need to make sure that your joy outweighs your dissatisfaction, which can be achieved by setting the right terms to achieve a positive balance.

How to make your job more exciting

The first thing we recommend doing is to is seek meaning in what you do. According to the University of Alabama, work that’s meaningful to an employee also increases their happiness. Try to think of ways how your daily tasks contribute to the bigger picture, and what you do for fellow humans daily. Also, combine your cope by listing a few reasons why you are NOT irreplaceable, and try to remind yourself of your unique talents on a regular to realize you’re there for a reason. Another way to spice up your daily activities is to search for new tasks and opportunities. It’s very easy to stick to what you know, but chasing a new challenge now and then has proven to be a real natural upper to the brain, as variety in what you do both lead to more stimulus and inspiration, which in turn will help your performances. The last piece of advice is to look further than just your own responsibilities. Go out of your cube a little more often and try to discover other what and mostly who is out there. See if others might need help, or just simply engage in a little more small-talk now and then. If new opportunities arise to work with other co-workers on a new project, take it! Open up your mind and explore what else is there, and you might re-consider resigning after all. Especially after a tough period from your home office, you might find out that the office life we once knew ain’t that bad after all.

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