What Career Is Right for Me? Career Coaching at Your Fingertips

Our modules make career coaching personal and easy to navigate when facing the question “what career is right for me?”

We believe in the influential power of coaches, but not everyone has access to them. Career coaching can be expensive, leaving a huge gap in accessibility, especially for people just starting the journey and asking “what career is right for me?” Our goal has always been to make career coaching more affordable and available to everyone.

We’ve been working on a major product update that will change the way you use Josie and are excited to announce that Modules are now live on our site.

Modules bring career coaching to your fingertips. You can complete them anywhere and access guided action items and prompts for reflection to solidify your next steps on your career journey. 

Module library

Our first module, Understand Yourself, is designed to provide you with tools for self-reflection when it comes to your current career path and deciding where you want to go from there. This is a great place to start if you’re thinking about switching careers or curious about new roles that you previously may not have considered. This module will guide you through our main assessments and contextualize your insights in a way that makes sense for your personal goals. You’ll learn about the research behind small wins that lead to big changes over time. The first small win is signing up.

Understand Yourself module

Once you’ve completed Understand Yourself, we recommend moving on to our second released module, Explore Career Options. This module will take your insights from your personality and experience inventory results and match them with career options within the range of your current strengths and capabilities. 

We develop these modules with expert guidance from real career coaches and will be releasing modules gradually over time, so there will always be new content and the next level of coaching available to you. Getting started is as easy as ever. 

Some ways to make the most of your downtime include completing a module while you

  • commute to work (or to the couch)
  • use the break room microwave for 30-second intervals at a time
  • avoid the coworker who always shows you photos of their extended family
  • Wait for an ad to finish playing before resuming the “lo-fi chill beats” playlist on YouTube (you know the one)
  • etc.

… you can take it from here. Get started now.

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